Breakfast Serial: Palate Cleanser

Two things occurred to me while reading over the first Breakfast Serial post:

I: I need to thank H.H. Neville, Alex Cook, Thomas Moses, Sam Street, and Douglas Bookey for helping me out with the power-sets. I asked for random, quirky abilities — the stranger, the better — and they delivered. I’ll get into who’s behind whom another day (after the whole cast has been introduced).

II: “Bleeder” is a really unfortunate name for a teenage girl, even if she does have to open up a vein to use her powers. But, I’m at a loss as to what to call a person whose blood coagulates into a nigh-invulnerable armor when exposed to air. “Scab” has its own pejorative connotations. “Blood Clot” doesn’t fit. “Coagulation” is unruly. And, I can’t find a technical term that works.

Thus far, the best replacement I’ve got is “BloodBath,” and I’m not sure that’s any better. Also: it’s got kind of a ’90s Image vibe, which might not be so hip.

So, if anyone’s got any ideas, I’m all ears.

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12 Responses to “Breakfast Serial: Palate Cleanser”

  1. Meriades


    Or Scar, depending on if she heals after she’s been a-slicing.

    Anything prefixed with Blood- *will* sound very Rob Liefeld-ish, it must be said. The bastard.

  2. Meriades

    Or you could splice Scar and Carapace for the exo-shell of a beetle and make it Scarapace, which would just be far too clever for its own good.

  3. H.H. Neville

    Bloodbath, I have to say is fucking terrible unless you’re Rob Liefeld. It fits, but, yeah.

    China White (you can jack the name if you want. Someone should use it and I won’t be)

    And if you’re really silly: Veinity,


  4. kink

    “Bloodline” also came to mind, but I should probably avoid “Blood-anything,” yeah.

    “Sanguine” isn’t bad, though. Hrm…

  5. kink

    “Gush,” “Gash,” and “Wound” are all off the table, as well, of course.

    “Scratch” or “Scrape,” though?

    There’s also the whole cutting angle:
    “Cut-Up” (I kinda like that)
    “Rough Cut”
    “Cut Scene”
    “Jump Cut”

  6. H.H. Neville

    Not that it makes a lick of sense, but I kinda like the name “Blood Sugar” despite its blood-ness.

  7. H.H. Neville

    ha ha ha, and I just realised that Meri and both name-checked Liefeld, and I certainly had no idea that he did when I posted. That’s twice, Meri (Ashes and Ashes being the other). Scary bidness.

    Ten-Blade and Scalpel sound good if a bit too scientific.

    (And yes, I’m fixing it so that my gravatar shows).

  8. Brent Lambert

    Maybe you could use…..

    Bloodloss- kinda literal I suppose lol, but its all I got.

  9. kink



    “Red Velvet”
    “Blood Drive”

  10. Tom Moses

    Vain or Sickle work too

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